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Online reputation and its contribution to the aesthetic medicine

Posted by NextMotion on Feb 22, 2022 5:56:42 PM

In aesthetic medicine, reviews are helping all the patients to make the best decision about which surgeon or aesthetic doctor they will choose. Therefore, working on your online reputation is not an option anymore if you want to stand out from your fellows, it is an absolute necessity. 💉



Table of contents: 

♦︎ Increasing tour visibility on online search engines

♦︎ Connecting with your patients to get reviews

♦︎ Managing Negative Reviews



💻 Increasing your visibility on online search engines

Today, reputation on the Web is a subject that affects health professionals. As a cosmetic surgeon and doctor, you are at the forefront of this battle. Different studies have shown that the patients are looking for information online and more specifically for online reviews before making any decisions. 


Patients are becoming more and more exigent about their appearance with time. During the last few years it has become easier to find information online in the field of cosmetic surgery, this has been made possible thanks to digital technology.


For example, on social media, it is possible for the patients to look at before and after pictures by just having a rapid look at the accounts of doctors or clinics where they are publishing pictures of their own patients. That is why, as a first step, future patients are typing into the Google search bar to find information about plastic surgery and the associated plastic surgeon who will be able to fulfill their deepest desires.




The patients are looking for information that will help them to make the best decision. This is where the reviews of previous patients will come into action. The patients will look at your star rating and make an initial judgment based on this information. After that, they will look at the various comments, both positive and negative. In any case, you must be present on the Internet, if not, the patients will not find you and will contact another practitioner who is visible online. You can increase your visibility on online search engines with:


👉 Your Website.
👉 Your Google My Business page. 
👉 Your social media.


You have to realize that not all reviews left on the Internet by your patients are reflecting the quality of your work, so do not take personally if some of them have a bad rating with unpleasant comments. It is well known that unhappy people leave much longer comments than happy people. These same people may be unhappy not because of the quality of your care, but because once only, no one answered the phone, for example.


Connecting with your patients to get reviews

Your patients will tell you that they are very happy with the treatment you have provided to them, and they will talk about it to others, word-of-mouth. However, very few of them will choose to write a comment on your Google My Business page. This is simply because they have already spoken about their satisfaction in your office with you and do not see the need to write a comment online. It is therefore highly recommended but still up to you to ask them to evaluate the quality of the care provided to them.


By making this step, you will show to your patients how important their opinions matter. You are also ensuring that thanks to them, other patients will be able to make the choice to carry out a treatment with you in confidence and transparently. For example, you can also make these comments visible on Instagram or on your website to increase your visibility online.


Do not ignore the response to these comments, it must be personalized.


NextMotion Consult, our patient management platform, is able to generate review links which can be sent directly to your patient at any time. 



In just one click, your patients may receive an email to leave an online review.


👉 Try NextMotion Consult for 14 days

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😡 Managing Negative Reviews

Replying to a positive review is pretty easy. But when it comes to a negative review, it is a different story, and especially if the negative review is unfounded. Do you have something to blame yourself for? Was the patient having a bad time when he posted the review? Why is he talking about the fact that your chair was cold when the care was perfect?


All of your patients' opinions should be read in hindsight. Having no reaction is clearly not the best solution but on the contrary, reacting on the spot can make the situation even worse. Just remember to not take negative reviews personally. You know who you are, and you know the quality of your job.  


Below, we are providing you with advices on how to deal with negative reviews: 


👉 Do not ignore the comment.

👉 Do not delete the comment.

👉 Understand why one of your patients published a negative review.

👉 Offer to contact this patient to find a solution.

Be yourself, if you realized that their reviews are relevant, apologize sincerely. In the case of a patient who does not accept your apology, anyhow, this will prove to the eyes of the Internet users who are reading this review that you are a trustworthy plastic surgeon/doctor and the patients will be confident when using your service.


Thank you for taking the time to read our article. Now, you have all the keys to build a solid online reputation for yourself and your clinic 😁.


NextMotion team


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