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6 best practices to reinvent the patient journey

Posted by NextMotion on Oct 13, 2022 3:35:56 PM

Simplify your patients' journey, to make your daily life easier and fully dedicate yourself to your heart of work. In this way, you will be able to better take care of your patients, build a long-term relationship of trust, and therefore develop your business 💪.



Table of contents: 

♦︎ What is the patient journey and why optimize it

♦︎ Tips #1: Attract the right patients for you

♦︎ Tips #2: Simplify the pre-consultation process

♦︎ Tips #3: Improve the efficiency of your patient's clinical observation

♦︎ Tips #4: Automate the creation of quotes, invoices and consent forms

♦︎ Tips #5: Use a before/after photo application

♦︎ Tips #6:  Automate the sending of follow-up and good evaluation request emails



What is the patient journey and why optimize it

The patient journey is different depending on your habits and preferences. However, it always starts in the same way:


    1. 1. The patient detects his need; depressing wrinkles, bags under eyes, a dull complexion...
  2. 2. The patient looks for solutions to meet his needs: in this second step, the patient will search for information on the Internet or by asking people around him or her. This information search helps the patient to make the best choice according to his or her criteria (price, availability, quality, opinion...). He can also compare before/after photos on Instagram, Facebook, etc., of doctors who share their work.
  4. 3. The patient decides on a solution; he or she will begin to contact different practitioners to make an initial consultation and receive a first quote.
  6. The NextMotion patient journey2-01


🧲 Tips #1: Attract the right patients for you

The first question to ask when talking about the patient journey is: how can patients find me? The patient, when looking for information, if they find you, will take into consideration your Google reviews (the good and the bad), look at your Facebook page, your Instagram page and your website.


Providing clear and comprehensive information about your practice allows clients to make the most accurate and confident decisions. To attract the right patients to your practice, highlight your prices, your services and the process of your practice.


🔥 Remember, by taking care of your e-reputation, you increase your chances of attracting more patients. 


📄 Tips #2: Simplify the pre-consultation process

Your time is precious, and so is your patient's. Allow your patients to make appointments online 24/7, via your website or other platforms. This way, you will reduce the number of phone calls, leaving more time for your teams to accompany your patients in your office.


Moreover, with the digitalization of your practice, and in particular of all your administrative documents (pre-consultation form, consents form), your patients will now be able to sign their documents remotely before the consultation, or in the waiting room. For example, you can send them your introductory and medical forms in advance via a personalized and secure patient portal.


🔎 Tips #3: Improve the efficiency of your patient's clinical observation

During this clinical observation, you discuss the treatment plan with your patient and, depending on his or her needs, you can show him or her your best before-and-after photos that correspond to his or her morphology. In this way, you allow your patient to project himself and to develop his questions more easily. 


👉 Solutions allow you to organize before and after pictures on your computer according to the treatments of your other patients.


You can also use an iPad to take a picture of your patient and show him what could be considered for his treatment plan by drawing directly on his picture (show the patient his profile to better convince him).




💻 Tips #4: Automate the creation of quotes, invoices and consent forms

Patients are looking for clear, accurate and accessible information. With the creation of online quotes and consent forms, patients can find this information whenever they want. 


For you, the creation of quotes and consent forms is done automatically through a patient management platform. Thus, you avoid overloading yourself with paper, everything is filed in the patient files, no risk of losing a document or that it ends up in the trash. 


In this way, you save your medical secretary time in filing administrative paperwork, and you give your patient clear information.


📱 Tips #5: Use a before/after photo application

With the help of a photo-taking application, you can take pictures of your patient before treatment using positions already saved in the application. These same positions can be used again to take the pictures after treatment. This saves you time, because you don't have to search for old photos of your patient's position, everything is still saved. 


If this app is combined with patient management software, your media is directly synchronized into the patient file and can be instantly accessible on your other iOS devices through a secure medical cloud.


📬 Tips #6: Automate the sending follow-up and good evaluation request emails

Patient feedback is essential to improve your business, get feedback and new ideas for optimizing the patient journey. After your patient has visited your practice, use an email template to request a review and get their feedback on your service.


👉 You can share their review on social media and on your website. Patient feedback is a gold mine for improving patient care.


In addition, don't forget to ask for feedback from your medical secretary, who is in daily contact with the patients. This feedback is also very important to optimize the patient journey.


You have all the elements in your hand to make your patient journey more fluid. The NextMotion team is at your disposal to help you in your steps to digitalize your aesthetic practice. Do not hesitate to contact us 🙂.


One last thing, in order to implement actions to improve the efficiency of your patient journey, we recommend that you start with an analysis phase. Together with your medical team, make an inventory of the strengths and weaknesses of your patient journey. With this step, you will be able to highlight your strengths to find solutions to improve your patient journey. A solid foundation will then allow you to improve each brick of your process.


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