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Which tools to realize Your Before/After pictures?

Posted by NextMotion on Feb 7, 2022 4:16:42 PM

In aesthetic medicine, it is necessary to take before and after pictures for each operation. Those pictures prove the quality of your work and if these are taken correctly, they bring transparency to your patients, prospective patients and your fellows as well. 📣



Table of contents: 

♦︎ The differences between digital cameras and smartphones for medical imaging

♦︎ An innovative application dedicated to the medical imaging in aesthetic medicine

♦︎ Optimize Your Before/After photos with NextMotion



📷 The differences between digital cameras and smartphones for medical imaging


Your reflex digital camera will allow you to take prettier pictures with higher quality and sharpness compared to a smartphone, but do you think that taking pretty pictures makes sense if you can not compare pictures with each other when they are taken ?


In aesthetic medicine and surgery, the quality of the standardization is more important than the overall quality of your pictures.


camera smartphone before after aesthetic


How much time do You spend on :

👉 Taking a picture (assuming it is successful in a single take) ?

👉 Uploading these pictures to your computer?

👉 Selecting pictures in the patient’s file ?


A precious time…and this precious time could be saved if you have the right tools. In addition to save your time, some tools will ensure that you have the best Before/After pictures, and they are perfectly comparable !


Capturing the most beautiful pictures of Your patients easily and quickly, this is what all of us are looking for. But, how can You optimize this process ?


📱 An innovative application dedicated to the medical imaging in aesthetic medicine


An application, available on the AppStore, easy to use, allowing You to take pictures (finally reproducible), to realize standardized Before/After pictures which are perfectly comparable, and who classify media automatically in the right patient file in just a few clicks... Does that exist ?


The answer is Yes, and her name is NextMotion Capture. NextMotion is an ecosystem of solutions created by an aesthetic doctor to simplify the work of his fellows and improve the practice at all levels  (imaging, digitalization, patient service, communication…)


At the heart of this ecosystem, over time, NextMotion Capture has become the reference in terms of imaging tools in the medical aesthetics industry.


Capture d’écran 2022-01-26 à 09.58.19
before after aesthetic optimal nextmotion
Dedicated to the aesthetic medicine, NextMotion Capture is the reference application in Before/After imaging. It has all the advantages that a doctor is looking for quality images, standardized, automatically sorted, and ready to be shared.


Are You ready to optimize Your Before/After photos with NextMotion?

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