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Social media and aesthetic medicine

Posted by NextMotion on Jul 19, 2022 10:36:00 AM

At a time when all industries are going digital, aesthetic medicine is a sector that is not immune to this trend. So we deliver tips on how to stay connected with your patient and potential patients! As a bonus, we offer you a social media kit and its editorial calendar 🎁.



Table of contents: 

♦︎ Attract your patients thanks to social media

♦︎ Create a transparent communication on social media

♦︎ Combine your business and your presence on social media



🧲 Attract your patients thanks to social media

We Are Social and Hootsuite have published their digital report on the use of social networks in the world. In January 2022, there are 4.62 billion users on the networks, or 80.3% of the population.  So many potential patients who will be looking for information about cosmetic surgeons and doctors.


It is on social media that patients and potential patients will have an opinion on the quality of your work. On these platforms, it is easy to share photos and videos that will help future patients make the best decision.


This is why many doctors and cosmetic surgeons promote the results of patients treatments on social media, such as:


👉 Instagram.

👉 Facebook.

👉 TikTok.


📣 Create a transparent communication on social media

Transparent communication on social media should allow patients and potential patients to see the quality of your work and trust you.


To do this, create a community around your practice and your values. Patients love it when aesthetic doctors share:


👉 Quizzes about celebrities who may or may not have performed cosmetic treatments.

👉 Patients testimonials.

👉 Perfectly standardized before and after photos.

👉 Educational content on the different treatments to be performed according to
of patient's pathology.

👉 Tips and tricks on gestures to adopt outside aesthetic medicine.


🤔 Combine your business and your presence on social media

How do you find the time to balance your aesthetic business with your presence on social media? By staying organize! Setting up an editorial calendar takes the pressure off your brain, as you manage all your social media content in it. 


👉 This way you can manage the analysis of publications and keep an eye on which ones are working and which ones are not.


So, ready to boost your social media strategy? To carry out your communication on social media, we have prepared a free social media kit for you to download.


🎁 Bonus? A ready-to-use editorial calendar, so you don't waste time in your organization. Get a head start on your fellows!

Download our kitBonus: an editorial calendar 🗓

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