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How to capture optimal before and after images?

Posted by NextMotion on Sep 7, 2021 2:00:01 PM

Your before and after images are your raw material, an integral part of your trade. You use them to display your expertise, convince patients, compare results versus original and ensure follow-up after a treatment. You can even argue with unsatisfied patients, and use images to settle legal cases. Images are a central element of your aesthetic practice. 📸



Table of contents: 

♦︎ Before/After videos - The new trend

♦︎ Professional images at your fingertips

♦︎ The best choice for your consultations

♦︎ Yesterday's limits no longer exist



🔥 Before/After videos - The new trend

As we all experience now, videos have more impact than pictures, and all the more in today’s world where educated patients know exactly what they want.


In some situations, it may be interesting to use the video for Before / After comparisons in aesthetic medicine: they will catch your patients’ emotions and movements, and show the reality of your procedures with a total transparency. Some doctors already shoot videos of their patients, but this proves even more difficult than taking photos, and often involves having a dedicated studio room and experienced staff.


Contrary to pictures, videos cannot be photoshopped. You can therefore communicate in total transparency.


🧡 Professional images at your fingertips

Fortunately, new concepts emerge to help solve these challenges. Smartphones allow you to take high quality pictures, cloud services are handy to store and disseminate images and documents, specially built devices ensure a constant framing and lighting, and user-friendly software make it easy to edit photos and videos.


An answer to this challenge is the game-changing concept provided by NextMotion Capture app that allows to produce perfectly standardized before and after photos and videos very easily, with a smartphone that is connected to your digital consultation app and can easily fit in every office. Before and after videos are not reserved to wealthy clinics anymore!


👍 The best choice for your consultations

Such a solution provides support at all stages of the consultation:

👉 You no longer need to spend time on technical photo preparation, shooting and editing, nor to worry about your photograph skills; it’s all taken care of by the interactivity between the device and a smartphone running a dedicated app (NextMotion Capture).

👉 Before the procedure, you can easily produce very accurate 3D scans in just a few seconds with your smartphone in order to offer simulations to your patients and get more of them convinced with your video portfolio from the very first consultation

👉 After the procedure, you can easily create perfectly standardized before/after photos or videos to show the reality of your results with total transparency.

👉 You can also instantly extract pictures from your videos under any angle and thus get powerful image comparisons. And all this content can be shared with your patients. And they will love it!

👉 In case of an unsatisfied patient, you will easily document the various steps of the procedure and avoid litigation by showing the actual videos.

All your images (videos and pictures) are stored on an easily accessed and secure cloud; you won’t have to worry about archiving anymore


 🙏 Yesterday’s limits no longer exist

In addition, creating before and after videos or image comparisons is one of the best ways to increase your visibility on social media – think about the powerful double images on Instagram! This app includes a built-in feature that produces ready-made posts including your watermark and logo, ready to upload.



Producing quality images and videos has never been so easy! What used to be a constraint turned into a pleasure and an advantage with NextMotion CAPTURE iOS app.


Quality Before/After media are at the heart of your practice and at the core of the digital consultation.



That being said, taking and editing good quality and accurate pictures that can be used as standardized before and after shots, requires technical competencies that doctors do not necessarily have, and heavy resources (expensive material, trained staff and countless hours).


You need to master several parameters to take the shots: lighting, patient and camera positioning, white balancing, strictly similar angles, image software. And then you need to consider where and how to store, share and protect these images.


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