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Chat and teleconsultation: 3 reasons to get started

Posted by NextMotion on Jul 12, 2022 2:04:00 PM

We live in an age where the digitalization and the new technologies that surround us permeate every aspect of human life. As an aesthetic doctor, we advise you to embrace an array of innovative new technologies to meet your daily challenges, improve your practice, and build your patient's loyalty 💻.



Table of contents: 

♦︎ [Reason 1] Simplified and more efficient daily communication

♦︎ [Reason 2] An optimized consultation

♦︎ [Reason 3] Keep you at the cutting edge of technology



📱 [Reason 1] Simplified and more efficient daily communication

Between two physical appointments, you can make yourself available to your patients anywhere at anytime by using the chat and the teleconsultation. To implement this type
of solution, you can use patient management platforms like our NextMotion
Consult solution


In addition, your patient can ask you some questions directly in the chat 24/7, anywhere and wait for an answer. You will be able to answer him at the right time
with a relevant answer



In a few seconds, answer your patients' questions or obtain information. And all of this in the subway, on the train or in a café!


👉 You keep the dialogue open. As a result, your patients will feel more comfortable with their treatment, they will be more relaxed, they will trust you, and they will recommend your services.


👩 [Reason 2] An optimized consultation

Using the online medical consultation saves time for both you and the patient. Indeed, patients are at home and do not need to take public transport or find a place to park. So, you won't be late for your other consultations


You can easily share information with your patients, before/after photos, quotes, and also send them questionnaires or make them sign informed consents before their next visit
to your office.


Aesthetics doctors can propose online consultations when it comes to:


♦︎ A check-up visit,

♦︎ A fast diagnosis,

♦︎ A prescription for a painkiller.


👉 By choosing to use the teleconsultation, you will save time for your other consultations.
This is because you can choose the patients who really need to come to your office
or clinic.


[Reason 3] Keep you at the cutting edge of technology

With digital transformation pervading all of our lives and technology advancing at great speed, you are experiencing huge changes in your medical practice, with an increased demand for quality from your patients.


If you stand still, you will lose ground.


👉 Take on these new challenges and embrace new technologies to improve your practice and stay ahead of your colleagues. How? By focusing on digital consultation!


To go further with the digital consultation, we advise you to download our free e-book: Digital Consultation in Aesthetic Medicine.


Download our E-Book


PS: Get in touch with your patients is going to require patience and coolness. This is not impossible that one of your patients will send you a message at midnight while you are enjoying your time with friends, drink in hand (with moderation 😉). You will answer him/her when you will become available!


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