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Find out how Dr. Azib created a trust relationship with her patients

Posted by NextMotion on Dec 13, 2022 1:56:06 PM

Dr. Nabila Azib warmly welcomed us in her medical practice in Rabat to tell us about her patients' satisfaction regarding the taking of standardized before/after photos. Discover in this interview her feedback! 💬



Table of contents: 

♦︎ Dr. Nabila Azib, a reference in her field

♦︎ The headache of taking before and after pictures

♦︎ Shots of the treatments finally comparable




📱 Dr. Nabila Azib, a reference in her field

Dr. Nabila Azib is a plastic surgeon in Rabat, Morocco. She has been practicing surgery and aesthetic medicine for 12 years. She is a member of the scientific group Expert2expert and is also a speaker in many international conferences.


Dr. Nabila Azib is a reference in her field and welcomes her patients to her practice "Aesthetics Academy", where she offers quality care with cutting edge technology.


Dr. Azib welcomed us into her office to talk about the NextMotion solutions she uses to improve her patients' care.


👩 The headache of taking before and after pictures

Dr. Nabila Azib's challenge during her consultations was to be able to show her patients their front, profile and three-quarter photos in order to establish a treatment plan that would correspond to their needs.


So she turned to the NextMotion Capture app to take her before and after photos. A solution that brought her the confidence of all her patients.




Shots of the treatments finally comparable

Dr. Azib talks about the impact on her clients of the before and after photos taken with the NextMotion Capture application: "The impact has been huge because patients can simply follow the evolution, and therefore realize the improvement in the aesthetic aspect of the treatments they have received. Often patients forget what they looked like before! "


It is true that once Dr. Nabila Azib gives us care, we forget who he had before, because the result of Dr. Azib's treatments is precise and natural.




Like Dr. Nabila Azib, create standardized before and after photos and build trust with your community. Do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration of our NextMotion Capture solution.


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